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The Cordaware bestzero® demo gives you a quick and uncomplicated overview of how bestzero® works and how easily an application can be made available to remote employees.


To install and set up the Cordaware bestzero® demo, please follow these steps:


1.Register email address for the demo

2.Appsbox installation

3.Add a provider to your Appsbox

4.Hive Configurator Demo

5.Hive login

6.Create a new App


In the following chapters you will learn how to test the bestzero® demo. First start with the chapter Register email address for the demo.


Frequently asked questions about Cordaware bestzero® (FAQs) can be found here.


Enjoy the demo of Cordaware bestzero®.


To use Cordaware bestzero® you need a CoID.


The CoID for the Demo is "DemoBestHome#2022".