Communicate effectively!

Company-wide distribution of high-priority messages in the age of "e-mail chaos".

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Alarm Edition

Targeted alerting!

Alerting and evacuation of PC workstations in case of emergency.

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Set up mobile working without VPN immediately!

Make home office available for your employees today.

The ZTNA solution from Cordaware enables access to applications and resources based on the Zero Trust Model.

Fast, easy and secure!

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The mobile world of Cordaware

Mobile client

Messenger integration

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Log4J vulnerability: Cordaware bestinformed not affected

The product Cordaware bestinformed (Server) and the corresponding Infoclient are not affected by the vulnerability log4j (CVE-2021-44228), because no Java library is used at this point.

Visit us at the virtual Heise Security Conference – Knowledge protects!

Practical knowledge for the 2021 security roller coaster. The year 2021 has started as a roller coaster ride: Emotet, still, Corona measures and a new IT security law coming around…

Visit us at the net!it ITSM 3D online conference: Digital Champion

From 29.09. - 30.09.2021, you can participate as an avatar at the 3D-based online trade congress under the motto "Digital Champion: Effort meets Success".

Become part of the second 3D online congress “ITSM-HORIZON”. Discover IT in a completely new way.

From September 29 to 30, 2021, all participants will move as avatars to the live lectures and in the virtual exhibition center.