Communicate effectively!

Company-wide distribution of high-priority messages in the age of "e-mail chaos".

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Alarm Edition

Targeted alerting!

Alerting and evacuation of PC workstations in case of emergency.

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Exceptions shatter your Firewall!

Cordaware is breaking new ground in IT-Security by providing a solution which makes firewall exception rules unnecessary.

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The mobile world of Cordaware

Mobile client

Messenger integration

best up

Visit us online at the first virtual 3D online congress focusing on IT-Service Management!

Visit us at the virtual event ITSM Horizon from 30.09. - 01.10.2020.

Experience our speaker Benedikt Stürmer-Weinberger on the congress “StrategieTage IT Security”.

From 15/September/2020 to 16/September/2020 we will take part at the congress "StrategieTage IT Security" at Schloss Bensberg again.

The “17th Swiss business & IT-Servicemanagement forum” in Zurich

The "17th Swiss business & IT-Servicemanagement forum" in Zurich will be held soon.

IPv6 support with Infoclient version

Client connections via IPv6 are now supported!