Frequently asked questions - FAQ

bestinformed® 6

  • How is the update from bestinformed® 5 to bestinformed® 6 realised? Which steps are required?

    Following steps are necessary to perform an update from bestinformed 5 to bestinformed 6:

    1. Installing Cordaware bestinformed® 6.
    2. By using the bestinformed5to6 migration tool, existing data from the bestinformed® 5-database can be migrated.

  • Which operating systems are supported in bestinformed 6?

    Windows, Ubuntu, Mac OS X and CentOS. Additionally, you can install bestinformed® 6 as a Docker Image.

  • Is it possible for existing customers to update to bestinformed 6 for free or do I have to purchase my licences again?

    For customers with an active Support & Software Assurance, an update is free of charge.

  • Can Cordaware bestinformed® 6 be operated in terminalserver environments, like Citrix?

    Yes, bestinformed® can be operated on thinclients and as published application.

  • Are the latest versions of encryption mechanisms supported?

    Yes, bestinformed® 6 has been optimized for latest encryption mechanisms.

  • Is it possible to run an Infoserver of bestinformed 6 in combination with Infoclients of bestinformed 5?

    No, Infoclients of bestinformed 5 can not be used in combination with an Infoserver of bestinformed 6.

  • Is the old license-key compatible with bestinformed 6?

    No, you will receive a new license-key upon request.

  • How do I apply the new licence key of bestinformed 6?

    The new licence key can be applied within the bestinformed® 6 web administration. Navigate to System -> Licence and paste the content of your licence key (bestinformed6.regkey) into the text area and confirm and apply it clicking on „Upload licence“.

  • Which hardware requirements are required for the optimal use of Cordaware bestinformed® 6?

    Required hardware for operating a bestinformed® 6 environment depends on the amount of clients connected to a single server.

    Detailed information regarding the hardware requirements can be found here.

  • Can the bestinformed® 6 Infoserver be virtualized?

    Yes, the Infoserver system of Cordaware bestinformed® 6 can be operated in virtualized environments.

General questions

  • Where can I find the documentation for Cordaware bestinformed®?

    The documentation is available after download and installation of the software. You can access the documentation from the “Help” item in the bestinformed® menu.

  • Is the Cordaware bestinformed® technology comparable to netsend or RSS systems?

    No, bestinformed® is conceptionally and architecturally designed to provide high-priority messages to any number of clients, individually, group-specifically and as fast as possible. These and other requirements for business critical real-time communication can not be met by the technologies mentioned above.

  • Is it necessary to install a software on the client?

    Yes, in order to meet the requirements of highly performant real-time communication, the bestinformed® Infoclient is installed as a service on the client.

  • Which operating systems are currently supported?

    bestinformed® consists of two major components, Infoserver and Infoclient. The Infoserver-system is currently able to run on Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, Free BSD, Linux (Ubuntu, etc.), Mac OS X and much more. Please note that the Infoserver system can only be run on 64-bit systems!

  • Is there a possibility to use bestinformed® on Linux machines?

    Currently, we offer an enhanced version of the Javaclient. Contact us for more details.

  • How big is the network-load of the client-server communication?

    The distribution of an Info needs approximately 10 kb (dependant on the content of an info), the network-load generally is considered as harmless.

  • Is there permanent network-traffic between client and server?

    No, because of the push-method, network-traffic is generated only when distributing new messages.

  • Does the client access the internet during the Autoupdate process?

    No, the new version can be provided internally on the Infoserver.

  • Is Cordaware bestinformed® Windows 10 compatible?

    Yes, Cordaware bestinformed® is Windows 10 compatible. However, version 5.3 or higher is needed.

  • Can Cordaware bestinformed® be operated on terminalserver-farms, like e.g. Citrix?

    Yes, bestinformed® can be operated smoothly with thinclients and published application.

  • How many clients can be addressed at reasonable pace?

    By using the Cordaware bestinformed® Grid architecture and a suitable hardware and network setup, any number of clients can be addressed within seconds.

  • What are the benefits of being a Cordaware Support Customer?

    Next to the standard support-services, Cordaware Support customers receive all new full versions of bestinformed® at no extra charge and can ask for customization.

  • Does bestinformed® support multiuser processing?

    Yes, the addiontal feature “Team” allows you to set up and customize an extensive multiuser concept.

  • Is it possible to import already existing groups from directory services like Active Directory?

    Yes, groups from all LDAP-basend directory services can be imported and synchronized.

You can find more questions and tips in our customer forum or contact us directly.