Frequently asked questions - FAQ

bestinformed® 6

How is the update from bestinformed® 5 to bestinformed® 6 realised? Which steps are required?
Following steps are necessary to perform an update from bestinformed® 5 to bestinformed® 6:

1. Installing Cordaware bestinformed® 6.
2. By using the bestinformed5to6 migration tool, existing data from the bestinformed® 5-database can be migrated.

Which operating systems are supported in bestinformed® 6?
Windows, Ubuntu, Mac OS X and CentOS. Additionally, you can install bestinformed® 6 as a Docker Image.

Is it possible for existing customers to update to bestinformed® 6 for free or do I have to purchase my licenses again?
For customers with active Support & Software Assurance, an update is free of charge.

Can Cordaware bestinformed® 6 be operated in terminal server environments, like Citrix?
Yes, bestinformed® can be operated on thin clients and as a published application.
Are the latest versions of encryption mechanisms supported?
Yes, bestinformed® 6 has been optimized for the latest encryption mechanisms.
Is it possible to run an Infoserver of bestinformed® 6 in combination with Infoclients of bestinformed® 5?
No, Infoclients of bestinformed® 5 can not be used in combination with an Infoserver of bestinformed® 6.
Is the old license key compatible with bestinformed® 6?
No, you will receive a new license key upon request.
How do I apply the new license key of bestinformed® 6?
The new license key can be applied within the bestinformed® 6 web administration. Navigate to System -> License and paste the content of your license key (bestinformed6.regkey) into the text area and confirm and apply it by clicking on „Upload license“.
Which hardware requirements are required for the optimal use of Cordaware bestinformed® 6?
Required hardware for operating a bestinformed® 6 environment depends on the number of clients connected to a single server.

Detailed information regarding the hardware requirements can be found here.

Can the bestinformed® 6 Infoserver be virtualized?
Yes, the Infoserver system of Cordaware bestinformed® 6 can be operated in virtualized environments.


What is needed to deploy programs from the internal network?
Our server component (Hive) is installed on a PC in the internal network.

On which operating systems does the Hive (server component) of bestzero run?
The Hive (server component) works on the following operating systems: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Unix.

On which operating systems does the Appsbox (client component) run?
The Appsbox works on the following operating systems: Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu, Debian.

What are the costs?
Appsbox (client component) is available for as little as 10€ per user per month. The minimum term is one year.

What is the license model?
You can install the Appsbox (client component) on as many computers as you like and only pay for the desired maximum concurrent accesses. (concurrent user license model)

Who can access the provided programs?
The access of an Appsbox (client component) to provided programs is possible only by prior invitation.

How does registration work?
Each user needs an e-mail address, which is stored. The user logs in with the CoID and his e-mail address. When this e-mail address has been deposited, a token is sent to the e-mail address. The user enters the token within 5 minutes and now has access to all programs and websites provided for him.

Do users need to re-register each time?
No, users remain registered in the Appsbox.

Can one user connect to multiple hives?
Yes, one Appsbox can connect to multiple providers at the same time.

Can internal web pages be hosted?
Yes, internal web pages can be hosted.

What programs can be connected?
All programs that communicate using TCP and UDP protocols.

How are internal web pages accessed?
Internal websites can be accessed as usual via the URL in the browser. The Appsbox must be started in the background for this. Alternatively, it is possible to open the web pages directly via the user interface in the Appsbox.

How are internal web pages made available?
Since internal web pages are not accessible from the outside, the hive is connected to the internal web page to make it available for access.

Connect one side of the hive to the web server and the other to the proxy.
The Appsbox can then access the website through the proxy, provided the appropriate permissions have been granted.
To facilitate access through the proxy, the address of the internal web page can also be routed to the outside.
In the company network, the website is accessible via This address is not resolvable on the Internet and therefore cannot be accessed.
Nevertheless, in the Appsbox you can reach this page via This means you do not have to get used to new addresses, but can use the usual addresses.

How does bestzero work?
bestzero is a contact mediator and provides ways of communication as well as the contact persons of the two interlocutors.

A service provider wants to make his skills available to certain persons. Certain persons means, they must have defined prerequisites and provide legitimations.

Let’s imagine a person who wants to rent out apartments. In order not to appear directly, a broker is called in. This broker is the contact person for both parties and sorts out certain persons according to the specifications of the seller. A direct contact between landlord and tenant is not possible. Furthermore, our broker is not authorized to make contact himself, but always waits to be contacted. If the broker is now contacted by both parties at the same time, he connects both together via his telephone system and a communication between the two parties (landlord and tenant) is now possible.

Since the landlord wants to rent out his apartments quickly, he can also be in constant contact with the broker. Means, if a potent tenant calls, the simultaneous establishment of contact is ensured.

If it now turns out in the conversation between landlord and tenant that the tenant does not meet certain requirements, which the broker did not know at that time, this is communicated to the broker and this terminated.






Proxy = Broker
Appsbox = Tenant
Server = Landlord
Server apps = landlord’s apartments
Requirements: Management and verification by best_srv
Registration in the Appsbox = Main specification of the landlord

Properties of the PC (Appsbox) = Further specifications of the landlord, e.g. version of a program, virus scanner installed and up to date

PC (Appsbox) firewall has no incoming connections = broker cannot call tenant.
Server Firewall has no incoming connections = broker cannot call the landlord.
PC(Appsbox) IP address of proxy known, broker can be contacted publicly.
Server IP address of proxy known, broker can be contacted publicly.
PC — Server communication over IP (TCP or UDP) mediated by broker.
Enable server application: Unlock apartment for viewing via webcam.

Source and sink:

Source: outgoing connections are allowed and incoming ones are blocked.
Sink: Incoming connections are allowed and outgoing ones are blocked.
Two sources can only connect via a sink:

Source → Sink ← Source; Appsbox → Proxy ← Server.
Two sinks can only connect through one source:

Sink ← Source → Sink
A sink can be made into a one-way source using a source:

← Source → Sink = ← Source, Sink
Since a server is always a sink, we still need a source (Hive)

← Server = ← Hive → Server application

General questions

Where can I find the documentation for Cordaware bestinformed®?
The documentation is available after the download and installation of the software. You can access the documentation from the “Help” item in the bestinformed® menu.
Is the Cordaware bestinformed® technology comparable to netsend or RSS systems?
No, bestinformed® is conceptionally and architecturally designed to provide high-priority messages to any number of clients, individually, group-specifically and as fast as possible. These and other requirements for business-critical real-time communication can not be met by the technologies mentioned above.
Is it necessary to install software on the client?
Yes, in order to meet the requirements of highly performant real-time communication, the bestinformed® Infoclient is installed as a service on the client.
Which operating systems are currently supported?
bestinformed® consists of two major components, Infoserver and Infoclient. The Infoserver-system is currently able to run on Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2022, Free BSD, Linux (Ubuntu, etc.), Mac OS X and much more. Please note that the Infoserver system can only be run on 64-bit systems!
Is there a possibility to use bestinformed® on Linux machines?
Currently, we offer an enhanced version of the Java client. Contact us for more details.
How big is the network load of the client-server communication?
The distribution of an Info needs approximately 10 kb (dependant on the content of an info), the network load generally is considered as harmless.
Is there permanent network traffic between client and server?
No, because of the push method, network traffic is generated only when distributing new messages.
Does the client access the internet during the Autoupdate process?
No, the new version can be provided internally on the Infoserver.
Is Cordaware bestinformed® Windows 10 compatible?
Yes, Cordaware bestinformed® is Windows 10 compatible. However, version 5.3 or higher is needed.
Can Cordaware bestinformed® be operated on terminal server farms, like e. g. Citrix?
Yes, bestinformed® can be operated smoothly with thin clients and published applications.
How many clients can be addressed at a reasonable pace?
By using the Cordaware bestinformed® Grid architecture and suitable hardware and network setup, any number of clients can be addressed within seconds.
What are the benefits of being a Cordaware Support Customer?
Next to the standard support services, Cordaware Support customers receive all new full versions of bestinformed® at no extra charge and can ask for customization.
Does bestinformed® support multiuser processing?
Yes, the additiontal feature “Team” allows you to set up and customize an extensive multiuser concept.
Is it possible to import already existing groups from directory services like Active Directory?
Yes, groups from all LDAP-based directory services can be imported and synchronized.

You can find more questions and tips in our customer forum or contact us directly.