About us

Cordaware GmbH Informationslogistik was founded in Reichertshausen 1995 by its present day CEO, the graduate physicist Oliver Bollmann.

Since it was founded, Cordaware’s main focus has been on operational information logistics.

After initially specializing in regular instant messaging systems, the company has responded to the request of customers to develop bestinformed® as a system, which is suited to distribute high-prioritized information throughout the company’s network in a matter of seconds.

Today, Cordaware bestinformed® offers an attractive range of products for companywide information distribution and digital communication optimization.

Cost and resource optimization play a major role of Cordaware bestinformed®, where a fast and flexible information exchange is run from one or more central parts of a company. It makes no difference whether the concerned employees are in the office or on a business trip with their laptops.

In the age of globalization, bestinformed’s ability to send messages to an unlimited number of recipients in real time makes it an indispensable tool for all modern companies.

Far more than 1,000,000 installed modules in all parts of the world show how important companywide information logistics is for our customers.