Purchase or Subscription

Cordaware bestinformed can be purchased or obtained via software subscription. 

Contact us! We are glad to create and configure your own individual not-binding quote!

Hosting / SaaS

Both options are available as SaaS or on-premise.


Quantity discount

Starting at 100s CALs, you will receive a quantity discount according to our scale of discount. 

Discounts for Public Authorities and Educational Licencees

Upon proof, Public Authorities and state-approved Educational Institutions are subject to an enhanced discount rate.


One bestzero® license (concurrent) per user is available for only 120,00€ per year!


Here you can download our price list:

best up

best up can be used for free during the first year! Afterwards you can use best up for only 10€ per year!


For more information or a nonbinding individual quote, please contact us via email or use our contact form. For any direct contact by phone, please call us at + 49 (0) 8441 – 85 93 200.