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Information Logistics - The new challenge for companies

“Conquering the universe one has to solve two problems:
gravity and red tape.
We could have mastered gravity.”

– Wernher Freiherr von Braun,
German-American aerospace engineer (1912 – 1977)

Time is money!

This already somewhat seasoned conclusion has more relevance today than ever before.

Dominance in the business world is increasingly characterized by the extent to which an organization is capable of quickly, reliably and, most importantly, inexpensively distributing information.

Clogged means of communication and a delayed flow of information increasingly lead to wasted resources. Overfilled mailboxes, spam, low response to inquiries, delays that lead to the complete loss of messages, etc. are only the tip of the iceberg.

What do you do, when an urgent message that must be read immediately, has to be sent to hundreds or thousands of recipients at the same time?

The essential advantage of Cordaware bestinformed® lies in the fact that a message, a document or a link can be promptly sent to any number of people at the same time.

The increasing pressure of competition and the internationalization of all areas of the economy accompany the increasing amount of electronic communication.

Far too much work time is wasted by employees who have to sort through emails to differentiate important messages from spam mails and unimportant messages.

Often, one hears of cases in which business transactions failed because important messages reached the recipient too late or not at all. Also, decisions can´t be made in time because the acquisition of widespread information takes too long.

Current means of communications

Fax, telephone, letters and email are increasingly proving to be unsuitable for the changed requirements:

  • The distribution of the information takes too long
  • E-mails are not read until hours or days later
  • Mailboxes are full, emails disappear never to be found again
  • Mailboxes are flooded with spam mails
  • Important messages have to be filtered out of spam and unimportant messages

Long-range aftermath of the bottleneck in the supply

  • Congestion in the flow of data
  • The prompt sending of messages to a large number of recipients with guaranteed immediate receipt has not been possible until now
  • Important information does not reach all recipients in time
  • Reactions to sudden events are too slow
  • Stressed employees
  • Dissatisfied customers
  • Human resource potentials are wasted
  • Considerable additional costs due to delays in communication and coping with a large amount of information
  • Potential optimization of the business goal unrealized due to slow and uncoordinated flow of information

The occurrence of large, complex quantities of the information under consideration of time pressure requires new concepts of application

The bidirectional flow of information:

The goal is a free, prompt, unhindered flow of information, which allows the immediate distribution and retrieval of information!

The implementation - The bestinformed® system

Cordaware bestinformed® guarantees the fast, direct and unrestrained flow of information. This way, considerable savings and optimizations can be made in many areas of a company.

It clears the way of barriers and delays in communication that can cause a costly delay in the workflow.

The flow of information is realized by an individually configured desktop ticker that guarantees that messages are up-to-date. Information reaches the recipient at the moment it is sent.

We set new standards in information logistics

Our main focus with Cordaware bestinformed® is creating added value through quick and precise information distribution and acquisition from one or multiple central positions within a company. These value-added services are divided into three different areas:

  • Distribution of critical information as fast as possible
    e. g. Outage notification/error messages in Service Desk and alerts or evacuation messages

  • Gathering information as fast as possible
    e. g. Live surveys, quick polls, asset gathering

  • Quick and automated event handling
    e. g. Dash Buttons or other buttons for triggering different events

With just the click of a mouse, information is sent around the entire company (or around the world when using the internet), surveys are conducted, or applications are started on remote computers.

The wide range of applications, the scalability and the economical use of resources make Cordaware bestinformed® a powerful administration and communication tool.

Examples for optimizing resources with Cordaware bestinformed®

  • Quickly sending immediate messages to any number of recipients
  • Even large companies can react quickly and flexibly
  • Relieving the workload of Service Desk hotlines and other support centers
  • Quickly exchanging inventory data, etc.
  • Quickly conveying important information when, for example, someone cannot be reached by telephone and there is no time to wait for them to check their messages
  • Saving time, manpower and material when conducting surveys
  • Saving time and effort when gathering information from all the computers in a network

With Cordaware TED, surveys are simply sent from a central point to all employees concerned in form of the desktop ticker. The evaluation is immediately made by the Cordaware TED. Information, which would usually require a great deal of time and trouble, can be won in a matter of minutes.

Small network load

A definite advantage of Cordaware bestinformed® is the extremely sparing use of resources. The system works with the “pushing” principle, instead of the „pulling“ principle.

Human resource potentials are noticeably optimized by sending up-to-date information (e. g. computer failures, relevant messages) to a large number of people. Here, the time and energy-consuming exchange of information is unnecessary.

These are just a few examples of the optimization potential of Cordaware bestinformed®.

These days, modern information logistics have become standard in modern companies.

Cordaware bestinformed® sets new standards.

Prepare for the future!