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Cordaware GmbH offers various webinars. If you are interested in the contents of a webinar just call us at the following telephone number:
+ 49 (0) 8441 – 85 93 200.

You can also send us an enquiry through our contact form, we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Topic overview

Remote Work without VPN - Live Demo with Cordaware bestzero®!

The modern working world is increasingly moving away from rigid office workplaces towards mobile and hybrid models.
Cordaware bestzero® is always used when it comes to providing internal resources securely and reliably.

  • What is the architecture behind Cordaware bestzero?
  • What technical requirements are needed?
  • How can users access the provided applications?
  • How can services be provided and blocked again with just a few clicks?
  • Which protocols are supported?
  • How can dynamic access restrictions be easily implemented using existing AD structures?
  • Conclusion
  • Question and discussion session

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